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Téma: Become an NBA2K21 star rss

Zaslal/a wfuuopy 31.3.2021 8:47


NBA 2K21's graphics get a facelift in its next-gen version. Already regarded because of its high-level recreation of the NBA's biggest stars, there is a noticeable step up in quality. The lighting is better, along with the faces look much more lifelike. A few of the characters in cutscenes still seem a little rough, but the players themselves seem better than ever.

So far as mechanics, 2K21 does not reinvent the wheel with its next-gen edition. However, the developers used this chance to add some more unique animations to the game. This includes some new animations for alley-oops, which are incredibly satisfying to pull off. Additionally, I felt like dribbling and ball motion proved just smoother overall when playing Xbox Series X.

Now, when coming out of high school, players can decide to take the traditional path to the NBA and go to school, or enter the G League. While college will provide the players with more exposure and lovers, the G League can help them enhance their skills quicker, with increased progress on badges and abilities.

2K21 also fixes a few of the frustrating issues I brought up in my own review, as players are now able to alter the camera angle at high school, faculty, and the G League. Despite some solid changes and improvements, MyCareer nevertheless feels unbelievably grindy. VC is difficult to come by unless you ditch a part-time job's worth of hours to the game, or crack open your wallet. Players can now jump in the W, a mode that allows them create their own WNBA superstar. It's an awesome piece of representation to an often ignored basketball team, though the mode isn't nearly as fleshed out as 2K21's other core modes.

Composed of a lot of smaller parks and areas, The City is practically a huge version of The Neighborhood. There are far more courts, which is fine, but the pros stop there. You still have to purchase a chunk for 25k VC simply to play with friends on a personal court, and the hosts are still really shoddy. NBA 2K21 on next-gen sees a lot of developments to the basketball sim, but paradoxically only improves the regions of the game that were already really good.

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23:12 icon K-U-C-O: nhl niekto ?
22:57 rk16: taky děkuju :)
22:55 icon Menthos: Díky za hru chlape 8
22:33 icon Menthos: Tak pozvi Draku
22:31 icon Menthos: Já to u Tebe viděl 2 já jsem starý ale rád zahraju 8
22:30 rk16: vyloučeno :D Přidám si tě
22:30 icon Menthos: Zapnu
22:30 icon Menthos: Můžeme ze srandy , vidím to tak na 17:0 pro Tebe 5
22:26 rk16: dáme Menthos zápas RL?
22:17 icon Menthos: Tak možná RL 8
22:16 rk16: Není tu někdo na HCU? :D
21:48 icon Menthos: Tady je sranda 5
21:29 icon Menthos: Někdo něco ? 2
19:18 icon masko: Neviem presne kedy pridem cca pol hodka sak napisem a uvidime
19:18 icon masko: Ja som neni doma :)
19:12 icon K-U-C-O: Sak uvidis
19:11 icon K-U-C-O: Ak tu budem tak rad ale neviem. Radšej by Som to zbúchal teraz a Nemci aj tak vyhrajú :))
19:10 icon masko: Kuco tak za pol hodku ?
18:38 icon K-U-C-O: N H L
17:40 icon K-U-C-O: NHL ?
16:36 icon RastikSVKE®♛: Liga ?
10:21 icon K-U-C-O: Jj dik drz sa
10:17 icon pifinek: Kuco dik za hry ale stejnak to pripojeni nic moc
10:16 icon K-U-C-O: Islo ti to dobre ked si vyhral :)
9:46 icon pifinek: ok zkusime to jestli to bude cukat tak to vypinam
9:45 icon K-U-C-O: Pozvi ty mozno bude lepsie
9:44 icon pifinek: kuco dik ale pripojeni katastrofa takhle se to neda hrat
9:19 icon K-U-C-O: Pozval som
9:16 icon K-U-C-O: Super
9:10 icon pifinek: Kuco dam
8:33 icon K-U-C-O: Nhl?
Sat icon Macek18: Kuco? NHL? Piš kdyžtak na PS
Fri icon K-U-C-O: NHL niekto
Fri icon Menthos: nn stačilo díky 8
Fri icon popa81֎: jeste 1?
Fri icon popa81֎: menthosku diky zapotil jsem se
Fri icon Menthos: dík za match
Fri icon popa81֎: pozvano
Fri icon Menthos: jasný tak zvi
Fri icon popa81֎: ok jestli neprijde Masko tak dame, liga ma prednost
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13:58 ME ve fotbale - 3.kolo | 1) Itálie - Wales 3:0 2) Švýcarsko - Turecko 2:1 3) Sev. ...
Fri 1.Hrajto Cup PS4 Dnes okolo 20:00 som tu
Fri 1.NHL PS4 kdyby na to pulka lidi neprdela tak mohlo byt odehrano a s plnym poctem zapasu
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Thu 1.NHL PS4 fakt ?? zvyk je železná košile
Wed 1.NHL PS4 Borci 4 minuty jsou ale v pravidlech už odzacatku já to tak třeba hraji
Wed 1.NHL PS4 taky souhlasím s tř/4min a v PO dát třeba 5min/tř