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Madden NFL 21 started in August on PlayStation 4, Windows PC, and Xbox One, and was so underwhelming on that creation of hardware as to make the cheapest review scores in history. About the PlayStation 5 and Xbox collection X, however, stronger visuals and more real player movement and gameplay (particularly from the running game) gave the game a little lift. It was bought and played record-breaking numbers.

But longtime fans still resented the lack of focus to Franchise mode, whose latest significant update came from 2016. Tweeting beneath the hashtag #FixFranchise following Madden NFL 21's launch captured the attention of EA Tiburon developers, who asserted that the 3 rounds of Franchise updates surfaced in Thursday's patch.

EA is set to release a brand new update for Madden NFL 21 that will tackle another longstanding problem with Franchise style, making player trades easier to understand and much more realistic. Since its launch this past year, the latest variant from the NFL sim has been met with a mixed reception from critics and fans. Some have even called for the NFL to drop EA and place another firm responsible for video game adaptations due to a perceived lack of advancement in the series over the past couple of years.

This isn't the first time that EA has published an upgrade to enhance the Franchise mode in Madden 21. The developer has produced a number of significant adjustments to the signature game mode following fan feedback and criticism. Many users felt like the newest setup not only failed to improve its predecessors but it was lacking important features.

The final upgrade for Madden 21's Franchise mode is launching today, together with EA detailing how it will simplify the participant trade procedure and make it more straightforward for consumers. The principal change comes to the player-trading logic used within the sport. Formerly, valuations for stars would be based on how far up the depth chart they were for their present team. However a change in the system will indicate they will be valued according to valuable they will be to the squad they're being traded to.

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23:12 icon K-U-C-O: nhl niekto ?
22:57 rk16: taky děkuju :)
22:55 icon Menthos: Díky za hru chlape 8
22:33 icon Menthos: Tak pozvi Draku
22:31 icon Menthos: Já to u Tebe viděl 2 já jsem starý ale rád zahraju 8
22:30 rk16: vyloučeno :D Přidám si tě
22:30 icon Menthos: Zapnu
22:30 icon Menthos: Můžeme ze srandy , vidím to tak na 17:0 pro Tebe 5
22:26 rk16: dáme Menthos zápas RL?
22:17 icon Menthos: Tak možná RL 8
22:16 rk16: Není tu někdo na HCU? :D
21:48 icon Menthos: Tady je sranda 5
21:29 icon Menthos: Někdo něco ? 2
19:18 icon masko: Neviem presne kedy pridem cca pol hodka sak napisem a uvidime
19:18 icon masko: Ja som neni doma :)
19:12 icon K-U-C-O: Sak uvidis
19:11 icon K-U-C-O: Ak tu budem tak rad ale neviem. Radšej by Som to zbúchal teraz a Nemci aj tak vyhrajú :))
19:10 icon masko: Kuco tak za pol hodku ?
18:38 icon K-U-C-O: N H L
17:40 icon K-U-C-O: NHL ?
16:36 icon RastikSVKE®♛: Liga ?
10:21 icon K-U-C-O: Jj dik drz sa
10:17 icon pifinek: Kuco dik za hry ale stejnak to pripojeni nic moc
10:16 icon K-U-C-O: Islo ti to dobre ked si vyhral :)
9:46 icon pifinek: ok zkusime to jestli to bude cukat tak to vypinam
9:45 icon K-U-C-O: Pozvi ty mozno bude lepsie
9:44 icon pifinek: kuco dik ale pripojeni katastrofa takhle se to neda hrat
9:19 icon K-U-C-O: Pozval som
9:16 icon K-U-C-O: Super
9:10 icon pifinek: Kuco dam
8:33 icon K-U-C-O: Nhl?
Sat icon Macek18: Kuco? NHL? Piš kdyžtak na PS
Fri icon K-U-C-O: NHL niekto
Fri icon Menthos: nn stačilo díky 8
Fri icon popa81֎: jeste 1?
Fri icon popa81֎: menthosku diky zapotil jsem se
Fri icon Menthos: dík za match
Fri icon popa81֎: pozvano
Fri icon Menthos: jasný tak zvi
Fri icon popa81֎: ok jestli neprijde Masko tak dame, liga ma prednost
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Wed 1.NHL PS4 Borci 4 minuty jsou ale v pravidlech už odzacatku já to tak třeba hraji
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